Experienced and Compassionate Trial Lawyers
Solutions and stress relief for you . . . when it’s all on the line.

Why select Staggs Morris, P.C.? Each partner has over 30 years of actual courtroom experience taking cases to trial. We don’t “churn ’em and burn ’em.” We’ve been taking on the toughest trial cases for 30 years and we aren’t afraid of the courtroom.

Our client service is second to none. Our online reviews are REAL and are not manipulated by fancy advertising agencies and marketers.

Trial law, or general civil litigation, broadly describes our practice which is devoted to civil (non-criminal) matters that cover a range of legal topics. We are trial lawyers. Our practice is devoted not only to cases where a will is disputed. We also use these courtroom skills — and our 30+ years of experience — to successfully advance our clients’ interests in matters that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Real estate law
  • Advocacy for beneficiaries under a Trust agreement or a Will
  • Counsel to Trustees and Executors (Personal Representatives)
  • Representation in bankruptcy lawsuits (adversary proceedings)
  • Divorce and modification of divorce/support orders

Set and appointment right now on our website to see how we can help with:

  • Prosecution or defense of trust disputes and will contests involving executors and trustees
  • Smooth administration of probate estates
  • Real property disputes including quiet title, partition, boundary disputes, ownership disputes based on constructive or equitable trusts
  • Bankruptcy litigation and reorganization
  • Resolution of family law disputes

Because we have a broad range of legal experience, we are able to use this knowledge and expertise to identify claims and defenses that might relate very closely to successful presentation of your claim.  Select the “contact” tab on the right of this page to get started.