A lot of attorneys claim to be specialists in certain areas of law. The truth is, most of the time you need an attorney with decades of expertise in TRIAL LAW — in other words, an attorney who is very skilled at actually taking cases to trial.

What good does it do a client if an attorney has an encyclopedic knowledge of a particular area of law but cannot convince a judge or jury to rule in the client’s favor? And moreover, having a good knowledge of one area of law is not enough because many, if not most, cases involve principles relating to more than one area of law.

For example, in January of 2016, our firm went to trial for a client who had come to us on a “probate” matter. But really, the issue was the title to a very valuable piece of real estate. A dispute had arisen between family members over property that had been owned at least in part by our client for nearly two decades. The family members wanted to take the property from our client.

In the end, our expertise as TRIAL ATTORNEYS made the difference in this case. Probate had little to do with this real estate matter. We honed in on our client’s best arguments. We established that the statute of limitations had run and we negated opposing counsel’s argument for a constructive trust against the real estate.

Your attorney should not be afraid to go to trial and, once there, should be able to focus the judge’s attention precisely and concisely on the winning arguments for your case — all in a clear, articulate, compelling presentation.

It is how cases are won. And we’re here to fight for your case.

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