At Staggs Morris, P.C., we provide aggressive and expert civil litigation assistance to small business owners ranging from vendor and contractor disputes to “business divorces” where partners or shareholders can no longer see eye-to-eye.

Business dissolution:

Much a like spousal separation, business dissolution requires not only a wind-up of a company’s business affairs, but important issues involving disposition of business property arise. This can include valuable in-tangible property like the good will of a business other property such as an established business name. Depending on the type of business involved, different state statutes and principles control how a business dispute is resolved.

Non-compete agreements:

Colorado law is very specific on the requirements for drafting an enforceable non-compete agreement. We can draft non-compete agreements to protect your trade secrets and prevent unfair competition by management-level employees. Staggs Morris, P.C. litigates disputes over non-compete agreement violations and can assists businesses and employees when non-compete litigation arises.

Vendor Disputes and Collections:

The Uniform Commercial Code governs transactions between merchants. Staggs Morris, P.C. can protect your rights when a dispute arises with a vendor for any reason, including delivery of non-conforming goods. Likewise, if you have accounts receivable that are aging and aren’t getting any traction on payment of those invoices, we initiate litigation to collect what is due to your business in a prompt and timely manner.

Independent Contractor Disputes:

The law as it applies to independent contractors is complex and new cases are handed down by the court every month. Just because some is called an “independent contractor” doesn’t necessarily make it so — and the ramifications can be costly and significant. We can not only draft your independent contractor agreements but we can give you advice on whether you have situation that allows the independent contractor agreement to be enforced. When an enforceable agreement is in place, we have decades of experience litigating disputes between businesses and independent contractors including, but not limited to, substantial performance and compensation issues.

What makes Staggs Morris, P.C. different?

Staggs Morris, P.C. is a boutique downtown Denver law firm providing personal, one-on-one attention to our clients.  We return phone calls and emails the same day we receive them. When you retain us to take action on your behalf, we move on your case immediately — no long waits or repeated inquiries about the status of your case are necessary. Frequent client communication and prompt action/resolution of your legal matter is what makes our client service second to none.  Staggs Morris, P.C. has a winning record in and out of the court room.  Winning Trial Lawyers. On your side.